Ann Kathrin Brommel phancy photo

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel: Shitstorm against Mario Götze’s girlfriend

Photos of her are really a delight, AnnKathrin Brommel, 25, is considered Selfie Queen of the Internet. But now she makes a recording of displeasure on her Instagram page. The girlfriend of football player Mario Götze, 22, is known to like to post sexy pictures of herself. But now she has overdone it for the taste of her fans! She lolls astride and only in a fatbelabelten underwear in the picture. A denim shirt of their kicker friend she has swung loosely around his waist. Obviously reason enough to Shitstorm the net.

“Please stop ‘to point to so embarrassing pictures”

At the sight of his friend the soccer colleagues of Mario Götze should have their pleasure … Whether the young footballer that’s embarrassing? Hardly likely! Certainly the proud sexy on his girlfriend will be.

However, Instagram users will find the image of Ann-Kathrin slightly shameful! “Please stop so embarrassing pictures to show the slowly too far! I like you, but please do not” disgusting “pictures,” writes a member of Mario Götze-Fanclubs under the photo. Some other comment is simply “embarrassing” only. But there are also fans who see the beauty still great. “Such images belong to their jobs,” says a supporter.