Mario Götze went to deserved vacation on boat in Ibiza with lingerie model girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brömmel after the World Cup victory

  • Götze spotted in Ibiza with model girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brömmel.
  • Ibiza their favorite place to rest, its not their first time there

For Mario Götze, life just keeps getting better.
After winning the World Cup for Germany with a decisive extra-time goal, the Bayern Munich player took a deserved holiday with his beloved lingerie model girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brömmel in Ibiza.

Ann Kathrin Brömmel linegrie model Mario Götze girlfriend Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-2 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-3 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-4 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-5 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-6 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-7 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-8 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Relax-9

Ann Kathrin Brömmel linegrie model Mario Götze girlfriend. When the met each other the spent time together in Ibiza the love tis place!!

My Super Mario! Germany’s national hero celebrates his World Cup-winning goal with a kiss from his model girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brommel

If anyone deserved a kiss last night, it absolutely was Germany’s wizard Mario Götze … and luckily for him, his lingerie model girlfriend was on hand to try and do the honours.

Ann Kathrin Brömmel was first on the playground to congratulate the 22-year-old German wizard after the 113th-minute goal that saw his nation raise the world Cup for a fourth time in sixty years.

The 23-year-old beauty raced over the out of bounds once after whistle blew and threw her arms round the national hero’s neck and gazed deeply into her eyes before petting him passionately on the lips.

Few people can ever grasp what’s like to be a national hero, loved the length of breadth of their home country and guaranteed a place in history. however Mario Gotze most assuredly will.
Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-8

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-1

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-2

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-3

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-4

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-5

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-6

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-Mario Gotze-Worldcup Final-7

Ann Kathrin Brömmel World Cup 2014

Ann-Kathrin Brommel, girlfriend of Mario Gotze of Germany, Cathy Fischer, girlfriend of Mats Hummels Montana Yorke, girlfriend of Andre Schuerrle. German team top WAGs looks on during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Quarter Final match between France and Germany at Maracana on July 4, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-1 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-2 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-3 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-4 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-5 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-6 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-7 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-9 Ann-Kathrin-Brommel-World-Cup-2014-10

Ann Kathrin Brömmel   cameras got her at the stadium